Denham International Power 2019 Impact Report

| Sustainable Infrastructure

Dear Friends & Partners,

As a continuation to our sustainable investment approach, we are pleased to release our 2019 Impact Report for the Denham International Power Fund.  This is a follow on from our 2018 Impact Report and focuses on our impact methodology and calculation.

The Fund’s investment strategy results in a number of positive impacts related to investing in clean power projects in high growth economies.  Results of the Fund’s strategy include an increase in installed power, CO2 savings, employment generation and local impacts through community related projects.  There is a clear alignment between these impacts and the goals on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  We firmly believe that these impacts make better financial investments for our limited partners.  Our impact framework, as described in this report, enables us to capture key metrics related to these impacts.

We hope you enjoy the report and look forward to receiving any comments.

The report can be found here