Business Focus- Ceiba Energy -Power to Grow

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Business Focus – Ceiba – May 2022

Ceiba Energy is a Houston-based power company with a focus in Latin American markets, backed by Denham Capital, a global sustainable infrastructure, energy and resources focused investment firm.   Emilio Vicens, Ceiba Energy’s CEO, was recently featured in Business Focus magazine.

Ceiba Energy’s management team brings more than 80 years of combined experience in power generation and related energy infrastructure in Latin America and emerging markets to the partnership. The Ceiba team has led the development, acquisition, operations, financing, and re-financing of over 50 Latin American power projects.

In the past year, Ceiba Energy acquired Breitener Energética, adding approximately 310 MW of power generation capacity in Brazil & successfully bid its Portocem project for a 15-year PPA to build, own and operate a new 1.6 GW power plant in Brazil.