Global Energy & Resources Private Equity

Since its founding in 2004, Denham Capital has raised eleven institutional funds totaling over $9bn in committed capital. We invest in three energy and resources sub-sectors: Energy Resources, Mining and Sustainable Infrastructure.

Denham sponsors entrepreneurs with the financial and other resources they need to create successful energy and resources businesses.  Specifically, we are seeking to establish long term partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies who share our vision for growth and value creation.  Our investment staff has extensive energy and resources investment experience, including technical experience as engineers, operators, and business owners.

Our firm is built on a foundation of experience, fairness, economic rationale, flexibility and trust, and we bring these values into every opportunity we pursue.  We believe our tactical familiarity within our industry sectors along with a disciplined approach centered around fairness and shared success make us an ideal partner.


Denham Capital recognizes that its role as an investor affords it the opportunity to promote responsible environmental stewardship and socially responsible development, including fulfilling its responsibility to respect human rights. We recognize the importance of climate change, biodiversity, and human rights, and believe negative impacts on project-affected ecosystems, communities, and the climate should be avoided. If these impacts are unavoidable they should be evaluated in a thoughtful manner with the goal to minimize, mitigate, and/or offset. Denham Capital seeks to ensure that the companies and projects we finance are developed in a manner consistent with the foregoing and that is socially responsible and reflects sound environmental management practices.