Advancing Global Energy Transition

Middle Market Private Equity and Credit Investment Firm

About Denham Capital

Specializing in private equity and credit, we invest across sustainable infrastructure assets, critical metals and minerals and provide bespoke credit solutions to companies contributing to the energy transition worldwide. We are dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies who share our vision for growth and value creation.


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Financial Expertise and Operational Know-How

Denham Capital sponsors entrepreneurs, delivering the financial resources and industry expertise needed to create and grow successful infrastructure and resource businesses. Our firm is built on a foundation of experience, fairness, economic rationale, flexibility and trust, and we bring these values into every opportunity we pursue. Our deep knowledge within our industry sectors along with a disciplined approach centered around fairness and shared success make us an ideal partner. Socially responsible development and stewardship are rooted in our culture and investment philosophy, allowing us to remain ahead of the curve as markets evolve.

Denham Capital’s Responsible Investment Policy can be found here

Investment Strategies

Sustainable Infra Equity

Global, mid-market equity investment strategy targeting sustainable infrastructure assets that can generate inflation-protected cash flows have a positive and measurable sustainable impact.


Sustainable Infra Credit

Direct lending investment strategy targeting investment grade and below investment grade sustainable infrastructure companies, assets, and securities across the globe.



Mining finances projects in metals and minerals that play a critical role in decarbonization, energy transition, supply chain security and the increasing technological footprint of society.